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Multipurpose functionality

Trashthon app provides multi-purpose functionality.

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TRASHTHON:cleaning job on your Finger tips

# TRASHTHON WM Application will help in live status like litterbin clean or not with Location and time, TRASHTHON mobile app will easily track all Waste bins cleaning status. The special advance service of the system will be very supportive to increase work efficiency, easy method, tracking status, record generating and employee performance report and many more.

More Features
trashthon cleaning software

Amazing Features

  • Multipurpose use

    Manage City/ Area/ Apartments and UV/OD toilets, GV points, Public and community Toilet Wise litterbin with BAR Code

  • Live Cleaning Status

    Live Cleaning Status on Google Map with Photo, etc.

  • Cleaning time & location

    Track team cleaning time & location report of spots.

  • Fast communication

    Fast communication between office and workers

  • Notifications

    Easy & fast notifications to team members

  • Daily & monthly Reports

    Admin can generate daily & monthly report with job status (clean or not)

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